Hydrogen fuel cells offer high efficiency and zero emissions, ideal for transportation and stationary power. Hydrogen combustion engines, emitting only water vapor but with potential NOx emissions, provide a practical transition using existing infrastructure. Both technologies are key to a sustainable energy future, with their adoption driven by application needs and technological advancements.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries is advancing a hydrogen-based society, focusing on production, transportation, and utilization. Their initiatives address global warming, energy storage, and efficient combustion, positioning them as leaders in sustainable energy solutions.

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  • European clean tech start-ups attracted $8.7 billion in investment for early-stage technologies within the year since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed in the US.
  • In contrast, the US secured more than $21.7 billion for similar projects in the same time frame.
  • Despite the EU leading in energy and transport investment in Q2 2022, the US outpaced the EU in funding for clean hydrogen since Q2.
  • Venture capital investments in clean hydrogen reached €343 million in the EU’s Q1 2022, three times the US’s equivalent funding, but subsequent quarters saw the US outpace the EU.
  • The European Commission announced the Net Zero Industry Act and loosened state aid rules in response to the IRA, pledging an EU fund to boost investment in green industries.
  • The US’s tax credit scheme was seen as simpler and more focused on mass deployment of green technologies than the EU’s funding program.

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Since the liquid solutions are stored in tanks and can be pumped into the cell to generate energy, flow batteries can be used either like fuel cells (where the spent fuel is extracted and new fuel is added to the system) or like rechargeable batteries (where an electric power source is used to regenerate the fuel).


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