Strategic Thinking Questionaire

Detailed Strategic Questionnaire for small business and entrepreneurs for self diagnosis

Here is a questionnaire for small businesses and startups to test their strategic thinking

10 points you should think about:

1. Customer

  • Who is your Customer?
  • Why people buy from you? How did you find that out? from customer surveys, consultant or internally ?
  • Do you focus on Customer Experience or your product? E.g. Apple store
  • Do you interact with your Customer Networks or aim to build them? E.g. Harley Davidson
  • What is your value proposition to the customer? Is it defined by your products and your industry or is it defined by changing customer needs
  • What is your first priority? Maximizing shareholder return or creating value for customers.

2. Market and Competitors

  • Do you constantly scan the market for new competitor & substitutes?
  • Do you monitor Market for trends?
  • Do you focus on Customer’s changing needs?
  • Is your competitive Focus to beat your rivals or are you open to Cooperating with rivals and competing with partners to provide best value proposition to the customer

3. Technology

  • Do you assess new technologies by how they will impact your current business? What are the parameters you check?
  • Do you assess new technologies by how they could create new value for your customers?

4. Decision Making

  • How are decisions made in your organisation? By analysis, debate, and seniority. Or through experiments and testing.
  • Do you have Information-gathering systems for your organisation? What kind of information do you get?

5. Strategic Initiatives

  • How responsive is your organisation to direction setting and strategic initiatives?
  • Are there conversations around new strategy/ initiative in the organisation before and after the decision?

6. Business Model

  • Do you have your business model defined with Customer Value Proposition; Profit Formula and its scalability; Key resources & Processes, capabilities, people, culture that help you provide CVP

7. Organisational Agility

  • How easily can you allocate Resources to different divisions or is it more or less same each year?

8. Key Performance Metrics

  • Do you have KPIs that you monitor as management? What are they? Are they mostly financial or operational or sales?
  • Are the Key performance metrics related only to sustaining your existing businesses? Or your business metrics adapt to suit changes in strategy and the maturity of a line of business.

9. Failures

  • You try to avoid failure in new ventures at all costs or do you accept failure in new ventures but look to reduce cost and increase learning.

10. HR Related

  • Are the Managers accountable and rewarded for immediate results on past objectives or for long-term goals and new strategies. Or does it change year to year
  • Can you affect Cultural Changes? Or is it organically developed and you have no control?
  • Are there Skill Development programs? What has been the result?
  • Is Talent-management aligned with your strategic initiatives?
  • Can you change structure of your organisation according to the need? Roles and responsibilities are well defined or arbitrary?



These two sources provide excellent self-assessment questionnaires on digital preparedness.

1. “The Digital Transformation Playbook” — self-assessment: are you ready for digital transformation? — David Rogers

2. “Leading Digital” — Digital Mastery Self-Assessment — George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, Andrew McAfee

This questionnaire is available as a google form below. If you would like a free analysis, please fill the form, and we would get back to you