Book Review

Seeking Wisdom” delves into the psychological and physical foundations of decision-making, exploring how evolutionary principles and mental misjudgments influence our thinking and behavior, drawing extensively on insights from Charles Darwin and Charlie Munger

Idea Almanac

“The first type of nonessential you’re going to learn how to eliminate is simply any activity that is misaligned with what you are intending to achieve. It sounds straightforward enough, but to be able to do that you need to be really clear about what your purpose is in the first place. Executives I work with often suggest their company purpose or strategy is “pretty clear,” as if to say that is sufficient. But anyone who wears glasses knows there is a big difference between pretty clear and really clear! The same seems true with individuals’ professional strategy. When I ask people, “What do you really want out of your career over the next five years?” I am still taken aback by how few people can answer the question.”

Excerpt From: Mckeown, Greg. “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.”


Since the liquid solutions are stored in tanks and can be pumped into the cell to generate energy, flow batteries can be used either like fuel cells (where the spent fuel is extracted and new fuel is added to the system) or like rechargeable batteries (where an electric power source is used to regenerate the fuel).

Book Review

Strategy is hard work. Men and Women fail all the time by investing in wrong businesses, in a new plant or launching a new product. The book let us know how to make less mistakes in strategy by telling us what is good strategy, and what is bad strategy