Efforts to reach net zero – mining, cooking gas

  • More than 47 million US households cook with gas. The republican controlled House passed the Save our Gas Stoves Act and Freedom Act last month. Should gas be used to cook ? But why is the industry fighting against stopping gas stoves ? Its seen as the first step to stop gas use
  • Shipping – delivers upto 90 % of traded goods. Efforts on to impose a levy on shipping emissions. Developing nations oppose
  • Finance –  Two year US treasury note tracks interest rate expectations. If it goes high, interest rate expectations also climb
  • There are 3 types of credit markets –  Private, Public, and hybrid. Private has been rising in recent times, but is still needs public credit to thrive
  • Fidelity has agreed to sell Worldpay to private equity GTCR for $18.5 billion. FIS had acquired it in $30 B
  • Mining:
    • Congo’s copper and cobalt capital – Kolwezi
    • Main mining operators – Glencore, Chinese CMOC, Freeport McMoran
    • Supply chain lobby – Responsible Minerals Initiative, Fair Cobalt alliance
    • Avoiding critical mineral shortages will require 330 new mines in the next 10 years, including 59 lithium
    • Exporter cartel may be formed, on the other hand there are importer cartels which no one talks about
    • Indonesia is the leading nickel producer

Source: Financial Times