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Rubin’s guide teaches effective digital communication, from crafting impactful emails to mastering professional storytelling, essential for today’s career-driven individuals.

Idea Almanac

“These words provide you with a tool to spin a negative into a positive using a technique called labeling. The moment you apply a label to something, it becomes almost impossible for the other person in the conversation to shed that label. It is the acceptance of this new label that creates the ability to change the direction of a conversation with minimal effort and move it toward a more positive outcome. Using the Magic Words, “The good news is…” as a preface to your chosen point ensures that the recipient has to accept the label you have attached to it. This optimistic spin can help you face negativity in your life, prevents you from ending up in a self-sabotaging conversation of blame and pity and helps you start to build in a new direction.”

Excerpt From: Phil M Jones. “Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact.”

Idea Almanac

I will give you practical guidance that you can begin using immediately to better communicate visually with data. We’ll cover content to help you learn and be comfortable employing six key lessons:

1. Understand the context

2. Choose an appropriate visual display

3. Eliminate clutter

4. Focus attention where you want it

5. Think like a designer

6. Tell a story


Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals