Book Review

John Summa’s guide on leveraging market sentiment extremes for trading, with evidence and strategies for contrarian investing in stocks, futures, and options.

Book Review

“The Disciplined Trader” delves into the psyche, emphasizing introspection and the impact of beliefs on perception, offering transformative insights and practical self-improvement techniques.

Strategy Journal

Drought-Induced Restrictions in Panama Canal Disrupt Global Trade Routes, Highlighting Climate Change Impact

  • Over 3% of global trade volume passes through the Panama Canal, with up to 29% of Pacific-bound container trade using it.
  • The drought has led to extended waits of over two weeks for vessels light enough to use the canal.
  • More than 264 ships were waiting to cross the canal recently, marking a 16% increase from the previous year.

US Industrial Policy Spurs $224 Billion Clean Tech and Semiconductor Manufacturing, Creating 100,000 Jobs Amid Challenges. The legislation includes tax credits, loans, and subsidies, boosting sectors like electric vehicles, batteries, and solar/wind parts.

Intel’s acquisition of Israeli chipmaker Tower Semiconductor worth $5.4 billion has been abandoned due to a lack of regulatory approval in China.

  • Intel will pay a $353 million termination fee to Tower Semiconductor.
  • Tower’s Israeli-listed shares closed down 7.8% in Tel Aviv.

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