Startup Strategy
  • Fractal Analytics is strong in AI integration and proprietary analytics solutions, making them a preferred partner for businesses looking to implement cutting-edge AI technologies.
  • Mu Sigma excels in handling complex, large-scale analytical problems with a well-trained analytical workforce, making them suitable for clients needing robust, comprehensive analytical frameworks.
  • LatentView Analytics stands out in converting data into compelling business insights with a strong focus on digital and marketing analytics, appealing to sectors highly influenced by consumer data.
Idea Almanac

I will give you practical guidance that you can begin using immediately to better communicate visually with data. We’ll cover content to help you learn and be comfortable employing six key lessons:

1. Understand the context

2. Choose an appropriate visual display

3. Eliminate clutter

4. Focus attention where you want it

5. Think like a designer

6. Tell a story


Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

Idea Almanac

“In the United States, about one-fifth of questions posed to students began as making-connections problems. But by the time the students were done soliciting hints from the teacher and solving the problems, a grand total of zero percent remained making-connections problems. Making-connections problems did not survive the teacher-student interactions.
Teachers in every country fell into the same trap at times, but in the higher-performing countries plenty of making-connections problems remained that way as the class struggled to figure them out. In Japan, a little more than half of all problems were making-connections problems, and half of those stayed that way through the solving. An entire class period could be just one problem with many parts. ”

Excerpt From: David Epstein. “Range.”

Idea Almanac

“Death due to infectious diseases in infancy and childhood remains perhaps the cruelest fate in the modern world, and one of the most preventable. Measures needed to minimize this untimely mortality cannot be ranked as to their importance: clean drinking water and adequate nutrition are as vital as disease prevention and proper sanitation. But if you judge them by their benefit-cost ratios, vaccination is the clear winner.”

Excerpt From: Vaclav Smil. “Numbers Don’t Lie.”