Idea Almanac

“I remember discussing this dynamic with my Russian teacher one day, and he had an interesting theory. Having lived under communism for so many generations, with little to no economic opportunity and caged by a culture of fear, Russian society found the most valuable currency to be trust. And to build trust you have to be honest. That means when things suck, you say so openly and without apology. People’s displays of unpleasant honesty were rewarded for the simple fact that they were necessary for survival—you had to know whom you could rely on and whom you couldn’t, and you needed to know quickly.”

Excerpt From: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.”

Idea Almanac

“Yes, it’s easier to fire off an email than make a phone call. On the phone we’re put “on the spot” and need to come across polished and professional. It’s more stressful and requires more effort.
Still, there are times when a phone call isn’t preferred but necessary. Why? On the phone, you handle your business more quickly and show you’re not afraid to talk with someone in real time.

Excerpt From: Danny Rubin. “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?.”

Book Review

A Character – has a problem – and meets a guide –  who gives them a plan – and calls them to action – that helps them avoid failure – and ends in a success