US-China Tech Struggle – AI

US-China Tech Struggle: Chinese companies may soon face limitations in the speed of connections between the H800-series chips

– China’s leading internet companies have placed orders for $5 billion worth of chips from Nvidia.
– Nvidia’s H800 chips on sale in China have a transfer rate of 400 gigabytes per second (GB/s), compared to the 600 GB/s limit set by the US for chip exports to China.
– Nvidia’s H100 chips, shipped to customers outside China, have a transfer rate of 900 GB/s.

Rising Borrowing Costs Push Europeans Towards Rentals as Housing Affordability Suffers

– Rents in European cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin are at their highest on record.
– Lis­bon recorded one of the fastest increases in rents in the six months to June.
– Europe’s rental market is expected to remain tight.