Startup bubble ?

  • JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo collectively earned $49 bn in Q2 net interest income. Banks are not passing on the benefits of higher interest rates to the depositors
  • In 2022, EU countries spent € 46bn on funding towards price caps, energy savings and finding alternative fuels to the gas lost by Russia cutting supplies – Acer, the EU energy watchdog said
  • Spot prices rising due to intermittency of renewable power. Wind is not always blowing, and the sun is not always shining.
  • Due to rising interest rates in the developed countries, demand for Chinese goods is falling, and there is a risk of deflation in the Chinese economy
  • China would be restricting exports of Gallium and Germanium which are used in solar panels, as well as optical fibres from August 1
  • Startup Bubble: As many as 1000 unicorns are stuck without a clear path to liquidity. Except AI startups, that are seeing funding and acquisition, other tech startups are struggling. Especially in capital intensive sectors, startups are finding it very difficult.