How is Chinese economy doing ?

  • President Xi Jingping are maintaining strategic focus for the economy – pursue global leadership in advanced technology, transition to green energy and security. He doesnt define economic success in terms of GDP growth, but in terms of tech self sufficiency
  • Chinese economy grew 6.3 % y-y, but q-q it is falling due to falling exports, weak retails sales, and dying property sector. Inflation in western world is significantly impacting China’s manufacturing sector. China has relied on investment driven growth over the years, and it has slowed down transition to consumer based economy. Youth unemployment is at 20 %
  • Defence groups in Europe : SAAB, Sweden; Thales, UK; Renk, Germany; Rheinmetall, Germany; Diehl, Germany
  • Political deadlock in Thailand means no chance of reforms to raise the sluggish rate of economic growth
  • Loan to Deposit ratio – Ideal is 80 to 90 %