Swiggy Sets Course for 2024 IPO: Eyeing Growth Amidst Market Challenges

January 21, 2024



Swiggy, a leading Indian food and grocery delivery firm, is moving towards an IPO in 2024 with a last valuation of $10.7 billion. Despite facing valuation markdowns and competition, the company’s profitable business model and strong brand presence in key Indian cities position it well for future growth. However, challenges like technical issues and limited international presence require strategic attention.

Business Model

Swiggy operates as a food and grocery delivery firm, leveraging a network of restaurants and local stores to provide quick delivery services. Key strengths include its efficient delivery system, strong brand image, and a solid presence in major Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Swiggy’s business model has proven profitable, driven by a robust IT infrastructure and a focus on cost-effectiveness for partner restaurants.

Valuation and Financials

Swiggy’s last valuation stood at $10.7 billion, following a $700 million fundraising round. Despite market volatility leading to some valuation markdowns, Swiggy’s food delivery business achieved profitability in less than nine years. However, challenges like technical glitches and misleading UPI claims have slightly impacted its brand image and customer experience.


Swiggy faces stiff competition from other food delivery platforms like Zomato, UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and Postmates. Limited reach and the absence of international presence, unlike Zomato which operates in 23 countries, are noted weaknesses.

Investors and IPO Plans

Backed by investors like Prosus and SoftBank, Swiggy is eyeing an IPO in mid-2024. It has engaged investment banks including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Bank of America for the IPO, which is planned for the Indian stock market.

Recent Developments

Swiggy’s renewed focus on an IPO in 2024 marks a strategic pivot following earlier plans’ postponement due to weak market conditions. The company has also introduced new board members to aid in its transition to a public entity.

Opportunities and Threats

The rapidly growing Indian online food and grocery delivery market offers significant expansion opportunities for Swiggy. However, challenges like limited operational cities and increased competition pose potential threats.


Swiggy Plans for 2024 IPO with Increased Valuation and Market Preparations

Swiggy, a major player in India’s food delivery sector, is gearing up for a 2024 IPO. The company has initiated several strategic moves, including a possible increase in platform fees and significant engagement with investment banks to set the stage for a public offering.

Swiggy is actively preparing for its IPO by targeting a listing between July and September 2024. Recent developments include the potential doubling of its platform fee to ₹10 per order to bolster financials ahead of the IPO. The company, backed by Softbank, is eyeing a valuation between $12-15 billion, amidst considerations of a secondary market deal to offer exits to early backers.

Swiggy’s move towards an IPO comes at a time when the market is observing robust activity in the technology and startup sector, with competitors also likely ramping up efforts to solidify their market positions. The food delivery market continues to grow, with companies innovating in both logistics and technology to enhance customer experiences.

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