Cars24: Revving Up the Used Car Market with Digital Innovation and Expansion

January 28, 2024


Cars24 stands out in the used car market for its innovative hybrid model, combining the best of online convenience with offline reliability. Its continuous growth in valuation reflects investor confidence and market acceptance. While competition is fierce, Cars24’s technology-driven approach and expanding market presence position it well for future growth. The leadership team’s focus on technology and customer experience is central to its strategy.

Business Model

Cars24, a prominent player in the used car market, operates on a unique and efficient business model. It’s a platform that connects sellers of used cars with potential buyers, streamlining what was traditionally a complex and time-consuming process. Cars24 has revolutionized the way used cars are bought and sold by leveraging technology to provide a seamless, transparent, and trustworthy transaction process. The platform operates on a hybrid model, combining both online and offline elements. This approach allows for wider reach and greater convenience for users.

Valuation and Financial Standing

As of the latest available information, Cars24 was valued at approximately $3.3 billion. This valuation was reported following a funding round where the company raised $400 million, including a $300 million Series G equity round and $100 million in debt​​​​. This valuation reflects the strong growth trajectory of Cars24 and the investor confidence in its business model and market potential.


Cars24 faces competition from various quarters, including traditional used car dealerships, online classified platforms, and other specialized used car platforms. Key competitors include CarMax, AutoTrader, and newer startups that have entered the online used car marketplace. Each competitor presents a unique challenge in terms of market share, technological innovation, and customer loyalty.

Investors and Funding

Cars24 has attracted investments from a range of prominent investors. Some of the notable backers include DST Global, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Alibaba, Tencent, Moore Strategic Ventures, Exor Seeds, Raptor Group, and others. These investors have played a significant role in the company’s growth and expansion. The Series G equity round was led by Alpha Wave Global (formerly known as Falcon Edge Capital), with participation from other existing investors​​​​.

This diverse group of investors reflects the strong confidence in Cars24’s business model and its potential for continued growth in the used car market, both in India and internationally. Their support has been crucial in enabling Cars24 to enhance its technology, expand its market reach, and strengthen its position in the competitive used car marketplace.

Founders and Leadership

Cars24 was founded by Vikram Chopra, Mehul Agrawal, Ruchit Agarwal, and Gajendra Jangid. These founders combined their expertise and vision to create a disruptive model in the used car market, leveraging technology to streamline the buying and selling process. Their diverse backgrounds have contributed significantly to the company’s innovative approach and subsequent success.

Recent Developments

In recent years, Cars24 has expanded its geographical footprint, entering new markets both domestically and internationally. The company has also invested heavily in technology, particularly in AI and machine learning, to improve the car valuation process and enhance customer experience. Strategic partnerships with financial institutions have enabled it to offer attractive financing options to buyers, further driving sales.

Key Insights


  • Cars24’s hybrid business model is a significant differentiator in the used car market.
  • The company’s valuation and investor confidence highlight its strong market position.
  • Technology and customer-centric approaches are central to Cars24’s growth strategy.
  • Expansion into new markets and strategic partnerships are pivotal for future success.


Strategy Boffins Team