India elections 2019 results

January 7, 2024

Analysis of India Elections 2019. Dominant victories of candidates such as Ranjanben Bhatt from the BJP in Vadodara and Amit Shah in Gandhinagar, who won with exceptionally large margins. The BJP emerged as the most dominant party, with many of its candidates securing substantial leads. The article also notes the performances of the Indian National Congress (INC) and regional parties like the DMK and AITC, who registered notable victories but with lesser margins compared to the BJP.

Election Analysis: A Glance at the Winners and Dominant Parties


The election results in 2019 have brought in some clear winners and dominant parties, painting an interesting picture of the current political landscape. Here’s a summary of the key takeaways from the election:

Winners with Maximum Margin

– **Ranjanben Bhatt (BJP)** from Vadodara won with a staggering margin of **589,177 votes (48.2%)**.
– **C. R. Patil (BJP)** from Navsari secured a victory with a remarkable **689,668 votes (52.73%)**.
– **Darshana Vikram Jardosh (BJP)** in Surat triumphed with a margin of **548,230 votes (51.31%)**.
– **Giriraj Singh (BJP)** from Begusarai won with a notable margin of **422,217 votes (34.45%)**.
– **Amit Shah (BJP)** in Gandhinagar achieved a win with a margin of **557,014 votes (43.38%)**.

These results showcase the strong performance of individual candidates, particularly from the BJP, who managed to secure significant leads over their competitors.

Parties with Maximum Wins

– The **Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)** emerged as a dominant force, with numerous candidates winning by large margins across various constituencies.
– The **Indian National Congress (INC)** also had notable victories, although with lesser margins compared to the BJP.
– Regional parties like the **Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK)** and **All India Trinamool Congress (AITC)** showed strong performances in their respective strongholds.


The election results highlight the BJP’s substantial presence and success in various regions, indicating a strong support base for the party. The significant winning margins of individual candidates from the BJP underscore their popularity and the party’s robust election strategy.

The INC and regional parties, while not as dominant as the BJP, still hold significant sway in various areas, reflecting the diverse political preferences across different regions.


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