Value Investing

Each of these entities—Heritage Foods, Vadilal Industries, and Parag Milk Foods—occupies a crucial niche within their sectors. Heritage Foods is noted for its integrated approach in dairy and agriculture, Vadilal Industries shines with its legacy and innovation in ice creams and processed foods, and Parag Milk Foods is renowned for its focus on dairy product quality and innovation. These distinctions cater to varied consumer preferences and market needs, demonstrating the dynamic nature of India’s food industry landscape.

Startup Strategy
  • Ninjacart showcases robust growth backed by significant investments from global retail giants, emphasizing its tech-driven supply chain efficiencies.
  • WayCool leverages its integrated model and commitment to sustainability, backed by a strong investor group focused on social impact.
  • DeHaat differentiates itself with its comprehensive farmer-centric services, supported by investors with a focus on agricultural innovation.
  • Crofarm has carved a niche with its focus on efficiency and retailer relationships, though it faces challenges in scaling.
  • Udaan, with its vast valuation and diversified business model, uses its financial muscle and technology platform to expand aggressively.
Situation Report

There have been farmers protests in India for last few months. Details of which can be seen in various news.
We analyse the issue on the basis of business concepts. Farmer is a businessman with suppliers and customers, with finance that comes in, and risk involved, pricing etc.