“Yosanta”—the smartest guy at Princeton

“I wanted to be a theoretical physicist, and so I went to Princeton. I was a really good student, with an A+ in almost everything. I was on an honors physics track, which starts out with a hundred students, and by the time you get to quantum mechanics, it’s about thirty. So I’m in quantum mechanics, probably in junior year, and I’ve also been taking computer science and electrical engineering classes, which I’m also enjoying. But I can’t solve this one really hard partial differential equation. I’d been studying with my roommate, Joe, who also was really good at math. The two of us worked on this one homework problem for three hours and got nowhere, and we finally looked up at each other over the table at the same moment and said, “Yosanta”—the smartest guy at Princeton. ”

Excerpt From: Jeff Bezos. “Invent and Wander.”