Truth of your essential nature

“Imagine that you are coming into this world as an energy being. You’ve just completed your conversations at the Cosmic Bus Stop and boarded the bus. The next thing you know, you land hard and just kind of splat. Your energy disperses in all directions and you become a fragmented version of your original self, losing all bearings for navigating your new world. You have a case of “cosmic amnesia”—you don’t know who you really are. Without a sense of your true identity, you can only orient yourself by what you encounter here on the physical plane, so you develop a new or false self. In an attempt to make sense of your life as you are now experiencing it, your mind writes stories about why you feel lost, who made you that way, and what your circumstances mean about you, others, and the world. These stories, which become the mind’s beliefs, are limiting compared with the truth of your essential nature.”

Excerpt From: Sue Morter. “The Energy Codes.”