Sound super trustworthy over the phone

The first and most significant impact on human communication is actually body language. Bad news, he said. When you are selling over the phone to an Internet lead, body language is gone.The next is tone. This is where I shine. I am a wordsmith, but I’m also from the south and I talk slow. I sound super trustworthy over the phone, but also smart. Honest, but sharp. Educated, but not “better than you.” It is very difficult to teach people how to improve their tone, but let me make it very clear upfront that the words in the script that you will learn in this book work a lot better if your tone is great. In fact, if you add tone and body language, it is 93 percent of how humans communicate.

Excerpt From: Chris Smith. “The Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales.”