One Thing Well

“Focus on who you are and what you do well. That is how you succeed. NBA sharpshooters like Kyle Korver and J. J. Redick get paid absurd amounts of money to do one thing: catch and shoot. That’s it. Catch the ball and shoot the ball. And I don’t say that to diminish them. But that is what got them to where they are, and it’s where their greatness lies. Well rounded is overrated. Use your self-awareness to double down on what you do best. Find the one thing you do better than anyone else and continue to pour into that. That is a dying idea. Simon Sinek, believes that we’ve lost the desire—and ability—to excel in one thing. “Giving a lot of one’s self to a small number of things,” he wrote, “seems to have been replaced by giving a little bit of one’s self to a large number of things.”

Excerpt From: Alan Stein. “Raise Your Game.”