Gamification can add motivation to learning activities

“Learning happens every day and everywhere. Humans are hardwired to classify experiences and assimilate knowledge. We can almost effortlessly learn a new recipe or memorize a bus schedule. That’s because the motivation is closely tied to the acquired skill or knowledge. The act of learning the recipe results in the satisfaction of a great meal, and learning a new bus schedule can reduce your wait times, so there is a clear line of sight between motivation and learning. But sometimes learning is harder, particularly when the gratification of accomplishment is delayed. Spending years in school to prepare for a career is a long, hard slog. Corporate training is often dry, boring, and not easily connected to employees’ goals. Whether it is formal education, corporate training, or informal learning, gamification can provide the path and add motivation to learning activities.”

Excerpt From: Burke, Brian. “Gamify : How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things.”