Einstein was wrong since he said

“Dear Professor Susskino [sic],
Einstein made a bad mistake and I discovered it. I wrote to your friend Hawkins [sic] but he didn’t answer. Let me explain Einsteins’ [sic] mistake. Force equals mass times acceleration. So I push something with a constant force for a long time the acceleration is constant so if I do it long enough the velocity keeps increasing. I calculated that if I push a 220 pound (that’s my weight. I should probably go on a diet) person with a continuous force of 224.809 pounds in a horizontal direction, after a year he will be moving faster than the speed of light. All I used was Newtons’ [sic] equation F = MA. So Einstein was wrong since he said that nothing can move faster than light. I am hoping you will help me publish this as I am certain that the phycicist’s [sic] need to know it. I have a lot of money and I can pay you.”

Excerpt From: Leonard Susskind. “Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory.” – Amazon Link