eBay “Everything Else” category

“From its earliest days, eBay has always had an “Everything Else” category. This is where people could buy and sell things that we at eBay couldn’t anticipate people might want to trade. And while we anticipated a lot (there were and still are thousands of categories), some of the biggest innovations and biggest surprises came from monitoring what customers wanted to do. We realized early on in the eBay situation that this was where much of the best innovation was happening, and we did everything we could think of to encourage and nurture customers using the eBay marketplace to be able to buy and sell nearly anything. While the marketplace may have been originally designed to facilitate trading items like electronics and collectibles, soon people started trading concert tickets, fine art, and even cars. Today, amazingly, eBay is one of the largest used car companies in the world.”

Excerpt From: Cagan, Marty. “INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love.”