Strategy Journal

In a pioneering move to address global carbon emissions, Japan is charting a course with Malaysia to sequester its industrial and power plant carbon emissions within the Southeast Asian nation. The ambitious venture, as insiders reveal, is targeting its inaugural carbon shipment by 2028. The diplomatic channels are buzzing as Yasutoshi Nishimura, Japan’s Minister for Economy, Trade, and Industry, is poised to engage with top-tier executives from Malaysia’s state-backed energy titan, Petronas. This meeting is part of a broader tapestry of Japanese-led dialogues centered on decarbonization. Adding a technological edge, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has unveiled a prototype vessel designed for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide, hinting at the potential use of eco-friendly fuels for carbon transit. This Japan-Malaysia collaboration underscores a strategic pivot in Asia’s approach to carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship. Source- Nikkei