Udaan: Catalyzing India’s SMB Growth through B2B E-commerce Innovation

January 27, 2024



Udaan, an Indian B2B e-commerce platform, is revolutionizing the way small and medium businesses (SMBs) engage in trade. Launched in 2016, Udaan bridges gaps between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and traders through technology, making the marketplace more efficient and accessible.


Udaan, an Indian B2B e-commerce platform, has transformed the way small and medium businesses (SMBs) engage in trade. Launched in 2016, it has swiftly become a crucial player in India’s wholesale trade and logistics sector. Udaan’s innovative approach leverages technology to bridge gaps between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and traders, facilitating a more streamlined, efficient, and accessible marketplace.

Business Model

Udaan operates on a unique model that focuses on connecting SMBs across India. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, it specifically targets B2B transactions, providing a wide range of products, including electronics, home and kitchen items, staples, fruits and vegetables, FMCG goods, and apparel. Udaan’s model is designed to address the specific challenges faced by SMBs, such as lack of access to a broad supplier base, credit facilities, and efficient logistics.

  1. Marketplace: Udaan functions as a marketplace, connecting sellers with buyers across the country. This model allows smaller retailers and wholesalers to access a larger array of products without the need for extensive travel or networking.
  2. Credit Solutions: Recognizing the importance of credit in the B2B sector, Udaan offers short-term credit solutions to buyers. This initiative not only empowers small retailers and traders by easing their cash flow constraints but also incentivizes them to transact more frequently on the platform.
  3. Logistics: Udaan handles logistics through its network, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of goods. This integrated approach simplifies the supply chain process for SMBs, who often struggle with logistical challenges.

Valuation and Investors

As of last update in April 2023, Udaan was valued at approximately $3.1 billion, making it one of India’s fastest-growing unicorns. Its impressive growth trajectory has attracted significant investment from major venture capital firms and investors. Prominent investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, DST Global, and GGV Capital. These investments reflect confidence in Udaan’s potential to disrupt and dominate the B2B e-commerce market in India.


Udaan’s primary competitors include traditional wholesale markets and other emerging B2B e-commerce platforms like IndiaMART, Moglix, and Jumbotail. However, Udaan distinguishes itself through its emphasis on providing credit solutions and its robust logistics network, which are not as extensively developed in other platforms.

Founders and Team

Udaan was founded by Amod Malviya, Sujeet Kumar, and Vaibhav Gupta, former executives of Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce platform. Their deep understanding of e-commerce dynamics, coupled with insights into the challenges faced by SMBs in India, has been instrumental in Udaan’s design and growth strategy. The leadership team’s expertise has been pivotal in navigating the complexities of India’s diverse and fragmented market.

Recent Developments

Recently, Udaan has been focusing on expanding its product categories and enhancing its technology infrastructure. It is investing in AI and machine learning to improve its recommendation systems and supply chain efficiencies. Furthermore, Udaan is exploring strategic partnerships to augment its service offerings and market reach.

Challenges and Future Outlook

Udaan faces challenges typical of fast-growing startups: scaling operations, maintaining service quality, and managing financial sustainability, especially considering its credit offerings. Additionally, as the B2B e-commerce space in India becomes more competitive, Udaan will need to continually innovate and adapt to maintain its market position.

However, the future looks promising for Udaan. The growing adoption of e-commerce in the B2B sector, coupled with the Indian government’s emphasis on digital infrastructure, creates a conducive environment for Udaan’s continued growth. Its strong foundation, innovative approach, and understanding of the Indian market position it well to capitalize on these opportunities.


In summary, Udaan represents a significant shift in India’s B2B e-commerce and logistics landscape. Its innovative business model, focus on SMB empowerment, and strong investor backing position it as a potential leader in this sector. While challenges remain, Udaan’s trajectory suggests a bright future, driven by technological innovation and market expansion.


Strategy Boffins Team