Netmeds vs 1mg vs PharmEasy

February 29, 2024



1mg vs netmeds vs pharmeasy

While Netmeds, 1mg, and PharmEasy operate in the same sector, their strategies and operational focuses vary. Netmeds emphasizes a broad product range and nationwide reach, 1mg offers an integrated healthcare experience with a strong focus on content and consumer education, and PharmEasy leverages its vast network to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services. Each platform’s success depends on its ability to innovate, scale, and adapt to India’s evolving healthcare and technological landscape.


Netmeds, 1mg, and PharmEasy are three leading e-pharmacy players in India, each with unique strategies and market positions. They have significantly influenced how consumers access pharmaceuticals and healthcare services in India, leveraging technology to enhance convenience, accessibility, and information availability.

Business Models

  • Netmeds: Primarily an online pharmacy, Netmeds offers a wide range of prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) products, including wellness products, personal care items, and medical equipment. It has also ventured into teleconsultation and diagnostics services, expanding its healthcare offerings.
  • 1mg: 1mg operates a diversified healthcare platform offering e-pharmacy, diagnostics, teleconsultation, and detailed health-related information and articles. Its integrated service approach aims to provide a holistic healthcare experience to its users.
  • PharmEasy: PharmEasy is more than just an online pharmacy; it is a comprehensive healthcare aggregator that connects patients with local pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and teleconsultation services. It has a large partner network and focuses on making healthcare accessible and affordable.

Market Presence and Reach

  • Netmeds: Serving customers across India, Netmeds has established a strong presence with a focus on both urban and rural markets, supported by a robust logistics network.
  • 1mg: With a significant presence in major cities and a growing footprint in smaller towns, 1mg is known for its comprehensive healthcare services and a strong emphasis on consumer education.
  • PharmEasy: PharmEasy boasts a vast customer base with extensive reach in both metro and non-metro cities, underpinned by partnerships with numerous pharmacies and healthcare providers.

Technological Innovation

  • Netmeds: Invests in technology to streamline its supply chain, improve customer experience, and expand its service offerings.
  • 1mg: Utilizes advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to personalize user experience, enhance diagnostic services, and provide reliable health information.
  • PharmEasy: Employs technology to optimize its operations, improve service delivery, and offer competitive pricing and discounts to its users.


  • Netmeds: The valuation for Netmeds was cited around $125 million in a prior context, but specific, up-to-date figures for February 2024 were not provided in the sources accessed. However, it’s known that Netmeds has established a significant online presence with a robust distribution network across India and has been focusing on expanding its operational efficiencies and customer reach
  • 1mg: In contrast, 1mg achieved unicorn status, indicating a valuation of over $1 billion. This was marked by a significant funding round where it raised $40 million, reflecting strong investor confidence in its business model and growth prospects. The company has diversified its healthcare offerings beyond just an online pharmacy to include diagnostics and teleconsultation services, aiming to provide an integrated healthcare experience​​.
  • PharmEasy: PharmEasy’s valuation experienced fluctuations due to various business dynamics. The company, which had previously seen its valuation soar, planned a $200 million fundraising round at a potentially lower valuation than its prior $5.1 billion due to concerns over mounting losses and market conditions. This adjustment indicates a significant reevaluation of the company’s market value amidst a challenging economic landscape and operational financials, highlighting the volatile nature of startup valuations in response to both internal performance and external market conditions​​​​.


  • Netmeds Investors: Netmeds has also secured investment from several key players in the industry. Its investors include Daun Penh Cambodia Group, Sistema Asia Fund, Tanncam Investment, and MAPE Advisory Group. These investments have enabled Netmeds to bolster its infrastructure, enhance its technological capabilities, and increase its market penetration across India
  • 1mg Investors: 1mg has achieved unicorn status with the backing of prominent investors, reflecting strong market confidence. Tata Digital, the digital arm of Tata Sons, is a significant shareholder, having invested substantially in the company. Other investors in 1mg include Sequoia India, Omidyar Network, and Maverick Ventures. These investments have supported 1mg’s expansion in the e-health space, enhancing its platform and service portfolio to include e-pharmacy, diagnostics, and teleconsultation services
  • PharmEasy Investors: PharmEasy, one of India’s largest e-pharmacies, has attracted significant investment from a range of venture capital and private equity investors. Some of its notable investors include TPG Growth, Temasek, CDPQ, LGT Lightrock, Eight Roads, and Bessemer Venture Partners. These investors have contributed to the rounds of funding that have enabled PharmEasy to scale up its operations, expand its reach, and diversify its service offerings across the healthcare domain


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