Mapmyindia vs Google Maps: Can Mapmyindia provide an alternative?

February 16, 2021

google maps vs mapmyindia

Google Maps is often the first name that comes to mind when we need to find a place, find traffic on the way or a restaurant nearby and so on. Recently, ISRO (India’s space agency) and MapmyIndia tied up to provide an alternative to Google Maps. We look at what should they do to succeed.

Apple Maps Vs Google Maps?

Google maps provides number of features such as offline maps, remarkable route planning, night mode, and it was very difficult for any new entrant to compete with Google maps. When apple maps started, it faced few problems.

“Apple Maps was heavily criticized for inaccuracies and errors (e.g., New York’s Madison Square Garden was labelled as a “nature area” because it contained the word “garden”). Apple CEO Tim Cook even posted a letter online apologizing and promising to improve the service.” – The Manifest 

However, after rough first year, Apple invested significant efforts into improving Apple Maps. It is getting better, however on android devices, it has still work to do.

Technology Features difficult to compete against

  • Advanced algorithms built into Google Maps can account for changes in traffic flows to alert the user and adjust arrival times and routes.
  • Crowd-sourced features such as warnings about speed traps or roadway hazards, by adding functionality from Waze.

Weaknesses where new entrant can compete against Google Maps?

  • Location sharing/ Privacy settings – If User is conscious of sharing location with Google, or mobile location, he is possibly looking for alternatives

 “Google’s entire ecosystem is built on one single concept: data collection. Search, maps, voice assistants, and self-driving cars all rely on mountains of data. That means user data is one of the most valuable things they have, and is protected fiercely in their servers, at least until its not. Google does not sell personal information directly, but they build data sets based on their users and utilize that data for ad space sales.”


  • Google Maps default setting looks to minimize distance, and time which leads to routes that may not be good to travel on. For example, narrow roads, roads with potholes in Indian case.
  • Google Maps also may overestimate traffic as it is mobile based. 1000 bicycles with google maps may not be same as 1000 cars with google maps.
  • Besides, as it is on mobile, Google Maps can also take its toll on your device’s battery and data usage.
  • Speed limits: In Delhi, speed cameras are being installed, so user would like to know the speed limits on different roads. Google doesn’t have feet on the ground. They have user uploaded data. A local startup can provide a better solution than google.

About MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia claims to be India’s most comprehensive GPS navigation & tracking solutions provider, engaging the user on multiple platforms. Currently, the company offers an entire API stack, IOT devices, and a map app.

Unlike Google maps, Mapmyindia has a team of more than 400 surveyors who go to a location and collect hundreds of attributes about every location, and now they have tied up with ISRO to even improve its offerings.

In terms of verticals, MapmyIndia addresses four key markets — direct consumers (through free and paid app/maps), automotive (40% of revenue), mobile Internet (20%), and enterprises and government (40% of revenue).

Rightly, they look for niche segments – ecommerce companies, Parking systems, fleet management, location analytics, people and vehicle tracking etc. They work in four major areas where they hope to get better of Google – accuracy, availability, the amount of comprehensive information they provide and their target audience of businesses and enterprises.

Business Applications

Looking at various competitors of google maps, on G2 , we find that there are number of other players in the industry segment where developers from different industries can build web and mobile applications for their specific purpose. Interestingly, Mapmyindia is not in top 20 of their list. Probably because they don’t provide API for developers.

Mapmyindia options

Mapmyindia has been in the field for 25 years, much before Google or Apple came into the picture. They are looking for growth options, and we would suggest not to directly compete with Google and Apple in consumer location/ route market. They have been finding new areas of growth in niche segments starting with automotive, iot devices, fleet management etc. and should continue to do so. Although a company can directly build application on google maps like Uber, there are countless other companies who would not like to spend resources on development and would like a readymade solution. Mapmyindia can work on that.

Google also has not done a good job in integrating public transport with routing directions. This has to be done by a surveyor getting bus routes, metro timings etc. Mapmyindia or other startup can work on making public transport easier.

One thing is clear from looking at maps industry, it is growing, and there is space for startups in this area. They can work on developing applications on Google maps, or develop separate location/ routing applications.

Update 16 November’21:


NaviMaps GPS Navigation by MapmyIndia is a Freemium On-Board (no internet required) navigation application. Its available both on Apple store and Playstore. With this they are trying to capture some of Google Maps market on Mobile. It has free as well as inapp purchases. It is very difficult to see how it can compete with google maps. Its only USP is it has 3D navigation and works offline. It has been there since 2013.

Google Maps is working on improving its 3D experience. Google plans to bring a vastly improved 3D layer to Google maps. Using photogrammetry, the same technology that also allows Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to render large swaths of the world in detail, Google is also building a model of the world for its Maps service. Techcrunch

Update 02 April’22:


MapmyIndia has launched an app which they call “The world’s most advanced digital maps, geospatial software and location-based IoT technologies, providing products, platforms, APIs and solutions.” With Mappls, the company wants to create a platform where entrepreneurs/ businesses can create applications based on location data provided by MapmyIndia. It has latest uses like IOT, Fleet Management, Field workforce Management. It seems like they want to take advantage of the increasing e-commerce requirements. But can’t such applications be built on Google ? At this point, from public data, it’s not clear what their core competency is with this new platform service. As we had suggested earlier, that they should not get in direct competition with Google, and they have not done so, ( Although marketing pitch is India’s own maps service ) and are trying to find niche applications with Mappls.

Stock Price has done well after initial fall, and its on the IPO day level currently.


Strategy Boffins Team


Update July’23: There has been a recent surge in stock of Mapmyindia due to their focus on digital mapping and use of drones which a niche sector, which google maps doesn’t do in India