Dot Voting

Dot voting is a straightforward and democratic method for prioritizing ideas, tasks, or options within a group. Here’s how to implement it effectively:

  1. Prepare: Display all options or ideas clearly on a board or wall where everyone can see them.
  2. Distribute Dots: Give each participant a set number of dot stickers or markers. The number can vary based on how many choices you want them to prioritize.
  3. Vote: Participants place dots next to the options they believe are most important, valuable, or relevant. They can allocate all their dots to one option or spread them across multiple options.
  4. Discuss: After voting, review the results together. Options with the most dots are considered top priorities or areas of interest.
  5. Decide: Use the outcome of the dot voting as a basis for further discussion, decision-making, or to guide the next steps in your project or meeting.

Dot voting is especially useful for visualizing group preferences and making collective decisions more tangible. It encourages participation and ensures that every voice is heard in the decision-making process.

2×2 Matrix


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