When Hanuman ji came to my home

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to someone who is not bound by Time and Space ? Do you have free will ? Lord Hanumana is immortal ? All these questions get answered in these 2 books

Book Review by: Strategy Boffins Team


The book is written by Shunya (Author not known. I have listened to lot of videos of Ram Dass, and he says a lot of same things as are said in these books, so my guess is Shunya is Ram Dass or someone close to him), and claims to record the direct talks from Lord Hanuman. It is in two parts –

Immortal Talks 1 and Immortal Talks 2

Shunya has tried to explore number of truths/claims which are as follows:

  • Law of transfer of Karma: When you are attached to someone, the someone transfers his bad karma to you. You may be attached to those you fear. You may be attached to those you are full of pity for. You may be attached to those who disgust you. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Pity, Disgust, Expectation, Surprise and Trust are the nine emotions which is a form of attachment. For example, a famous actor transfers his bad karma to thousands of fans and lives a life of abundance.
  • Why you can’t see Lord Hanuman: Bad Karma exists between him and you
  • Memory can alter your future: A memory planted in your mind has the power to alter your future actions. “An information of forgotten past and unseen future has immediate and far reaching consequences on the journey of the soul”
  • How Universe looks like ?
    1. When perceived from outside – a shining white ball of strange fluid of space
    2. Held together by a web of thin strings of time called T-strings
  • “You are nothing, you are shunya, you are a speck of light ready to go in ball of space and time”(Buddhism concepts mixed with Hinduism)
  • Shunya (or awareness) can’t experience the 5 senses. Only through a body it can experience the universe
  • Every moment in your life or scene exists out there in time and space. When you live a scene, you earn a packet of light called Karma. When you desire to live a scene, you earn a packet of life called Desire. Karma and Desire build one’s identity.
  • You are called a soul through your journey on the T-strings, and may take thousands of lives to get off it
  • All the scenes have already happened out there – does that mean future and past is fixed and we only are passengers through the life ?
  • Everyone has an unique combination of Karma and Desire or a code, that makes them unique

At times the examples used in the book are very painful, may be done intentionally and is difficult to read. To shed off your very identity in the form of Karma and Desire is very difficult

  • Since everything has already happened, why worry ?
  • How a soul moves from one body to another is talked about through examples
  • The number of T-strings a soul owns reflects its progress on the path of devotion. This also talked about in Book Review: Power vs Force where the author talked about levels of consciousness every living person has
  • Attachment makes mortals hold on to their identity
  • Soul and Prana are different. Prana or Pawana is the god who resides in the body of mortal beings. (Hanumana is also known as Pawan putra or lord of Prana)
  • Soul tries to fulfil the desires in the dream world. It is a cleaning mechanism to get rid of unwanted desires
  • Convert the diversity into uniformity – See Lord Ram everywhere
  • Cursed souls may enter your body, but they stay only while your soul remains ignorant of their presence.
  • Surrahs are body less beings who relish positive flavours of human life, while Asurrahs relish negative flavours. They keep wandering from one body to another and don’t stay in one body for long. They stay till that positive or negative emotion is there and even try to plant negative or positive thoughts. Three ways to get rid of them – Beware, Refuse, Pray.
  • Surrender positive or negative emotions to your deity every day to stay away from Surrahs and Asurrahs

Book 2

  • For a person or character, there may be thousands of parallel lives that may take place based on different variables, and principle of cause and effect. (I could not understand how one moves from one life to another )
  • Memory is stored inside the mind of a character and not the soul, so soul may move to different lives within same character ?
  • As your physical body gives you access to your home, your family, linga code gives you access to all the life scenes ( reminds of the John Travolta’s movie Face/off ). Sanskrit is the simplest language human mind can use to describe the scenes. As soon as the soul acquires the linga code, it gets attached to the character.

Second book Immortal Talks 2 builds on concepts in the first book and give more explanation with examples.

  • Objects don’t move from one scene to another, you, the soul move from one scene to another ( World is moving around us or we are moving around the world ?)
  • Life is nothing but illusion of movement from one scene to another. Nothing is actually moving, it is just an illusion of movement of soul sliding upon the strings of time
  • Soul doesn’t do anything, it just sits upon the body-mind
  • On free will, character doesn’t have free will, soul has
  • Soul mimics karma and desires of the character out of pure illusion and ignorance
  • Each of your ability like hearing, seeing etc. has an optimal range between minimum and maximum. This incompleteness is what makes you a character, a human. Body is never complete. Even air is needed to fill the body at every second.
  • Without time, you are devoid of all your senses. You can’t see, hear, touch etc. Its just a blank unlimited white mass called space.
  • Details about Samskara, chitta, Intellect, intelligence body are given trying to answer all the questions we might have about desire and karma like where desires come from ?
  • Why do good people suffer ? Good people get infected with bad Karma of bad people as they have real emotions, but bad people show love or hate cosmetically, so they don’t get affected by other’s bad karma


Now coming to the title of this article. Yes, I know people who have felt the presence of Lord Hanuman sitting near to them when they were in deep distress. The stories in the book also talk about it. So now its up to you to read the books and decide.