Life is our résumé. It is our story to tell.

Relatively, we are livin. Life is our résumé. It is our story to tell, and the choices we make write the chapters. Can we live in a way where we look forward to looking back? Inevitably, we are going to die. Our eulogy, our story, will be told by others and forever introduce us when we are gone.

If you have seen the movie ‘Interstellar’ you know the man Matthew McConaughey, the Academy Award® winning actor for Dallas Buyers Club. Here is a memoir by him, his life for fifty years, his journal that he kept giving instances of his successes and failures, his parents and children, and his movies, that can act as a guide to me and you. Greenlights is an unconventional memoir, with notes and bumperstickers he has included in the book which I found more valuable than his life stories. These are the headlamps to help you move on the autobahn of life as the author says.


“While writing this book, I found this in a pile of my journal–buck slip–napkin–beer coaster notes and scribbles. I’d never seen it since I’d written it. Notice the date. Two days after finishing my first-ever acting role as “Wooderson” in Dazed and Confused. Fourteen days after my dad moved on. (Like I said, I guess I remembered more than I forgot.)”


Image from ‘Greenlight’ by Matthew Mcconaughey

You get Red lights, Orange light and green lights in your life, you have to focus on green, and keep moving ahead.

We all step in shit from time to time. We hit roadblocks, we fuck up, we get fucked, we get sick, we don’t get what we want, we cross thousands of “could have done better”s and “wish that wouldn’t have happened”s in life. Stepping in shit is inevitable, so let’s either see it as good luck, or figure out how to do it less often.

As the author runs through his life, the nuggets of advice he gives (note for himself) us, which includes relationships with others

We are not here to tolerate our differences,

we are here to accept them.

We are not here to celebrate our sameness,

we are here to salute our distinctions.

We are not born into equal circumstances,

or with equal abilities,

but we should have equal opportunity.

As individuals,

we unite in our values.

Celebrate that.

The book ends in a Red Light, we are all facing. COVID-19. 

When I was putting the finishing touches on this book earlier this year, my life, like yours, was intercepted by a red-light drama called COVID-19.

If you are a Matthew McConaughey fan, you would love this book. If you have an positive attitude towards life and would like to read how Mathew drove in a SUV through the tough terrain of his life, this book is for you.